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I’m interested in dispatching but I’m worried …

“I’m interested in dispatching but I’m worried …” I will explain to you the mechanism of dispatching. Dispatch is a form of employment that is composed of three people: dispatch staff, dispatch source, and dispatch company. An employment contract is concluded with the agency, and the salary is paid from the agency. Employment becomes the dispatch company, and it is the dispatch company that issues business instructions. In other words, work at the dispatch company through the dispatch source. A major feature of temporary staffing is that the employer and the employer are different.

About the difference between dispatch and regular employees

The major difference between temporary staff and regular employees is the type of employment. Temporary staff are employed at different places of employment, whereas regular employees, when they are decided to join the company, sign an employment contract with the company, work for that company, and are paid by that company.
For regular employees, there are merits such as “stability of employment and income”, and for dispatched staff, “you can choose the working conditions and choose the job according to the needs of the accident”. Conversely, each may be considered a disadvantage.

  • Employment status

    For regular employees

    Connect with a working company

    For temporary staff

    Connect with the dispatcher

  • Working hours

    For regular employees


    For temporary staff

    Taking into account working conditions such as time
    Can select a dispatch destination

  • overtime

    For regular employees

    Connect with a working company

    For temporary staff

    Available / not available

  • Transportation expenses

    For regular employees

    Many are paid

    For temporary staff

    Often not

  • Payment of bonuses and retirement benefits

    For regular employees

    Paid according to the situation

    For temporary staff


  • Working age restrictions

    For regular employees

    Retirement age

    For temporary staff


About types of dispatch

Worker dispatch

The form of work that is usually referred to as “dispatch” is worker dispatch.
An employment contract is concluded with the dispatch staff at the dispatcher (Kirks dispatch), and the salary is also paid from the dispatcher (Kirks dispatch).
The dispatched company becomes the commander and instructs the dispatch staff on the business.


Work according to lifestyle

You can select conditions such as working days, working hours, work location, etc.

Skill up / career up

You can choose the type of job, so you can enhance your skills. You can also improve your skills and improve your career.。

Skill discovery not noticed

By experiencing various companies and occupations, you can discover skills that you did not notice before and find a job that suits you.

Reliable support system

In the CarkS dispatch, a dedicated person will back up one-on-one from job search to follow-up during work.

Introduction Dispatching

Referral dispatch is a way of working that allows you to become a regular employee (or contract employee) if the dispatch staff and the recipient company agree after the dispatch period (up to 6 months).
The dispatch period is based on the assumption that you will be employed as a regular employee (or contract employee).


Mismatch can be prevented!

Before you become a regular employee (or contract employee), you can gain a hands-on experience as a temporary staff member so that you can determine the atmosphere of your workplace and the nature of your work.

Smooth job change

Looking for a company to change jobs, creating many foods, and applying for many companies … You can do meaningful job change activities that greatly cut such time and effort.

Appeal skills and experience

You can show your skills during the dispatch period.

Opportunity to spread even inexperienced

You can learn your business during the dispatch period and promote your growth. Opportunities for regular employees (or contract employees) are greatly expanded depending on the personality and willingness that is not transmitted in the application documents.


Full day payment,
Kirks only.

Even if you want money at hand, CrakS dispatch works one day,
You can immediately pay a daily wage of 6,000 yen or more.

How to work as a temporary staff

I will explain to you, “What should I do to work on a temporary assignment?”

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